Product Review: Fruit 2 Day

This morning: slept until 7 (!) , went for a 3 mile run with my favorite boy, and then chowed on this Van’s waffle topped with almond butter, half a nanner, cinnamon, a few cranberries and just the tiniest drizzle of honey. Doesn’t it look a little bit like a sundae? 

It totally hit the spot and kept me full all morning. I LOVE breakfasts like that. I wasn’t even tempted to snack.

…and then, a new milestone! I left the room for two minutes and came back to find this big boy sitting staight up all by himself…

Dude…this first year is zooooming by!

We’re going to visit some friends tonight, so dinner has to be early. Like 3 pm early. Not sure how that’s going to work out, but I needed some to tortillas, so here I sit at the grocery store Wifi cafe. The perfect opportunity to check out a product I’ve been eyeing. I’ll warn you…I’m pretty skeptical.

Have you tried Fruit 2 Day? I grabbed a two pack of the Mango Peach flavor at the grocery store today because I was feeling a little “smoothie” and these piqued my curiousity. These are marketing as a super-easy was to get 2 servings of fruit for only 120 calories. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping myself from eating too many servings of fruit each day, so I don’t need a product to help me achieve my fruits and/or veggies quota. In fact, I had to stop myself from eating a peach with my waffle this morning, because I knew I already had a fruit on there. 

I would actually go so far as to say that I am slightly offended by the commercials I’ve seen for this product. The one that gets me the most is the one with a woman sitting in an office, at her desk, trying unsuccessfully to eat a peach. The message is clear: fruit is just too darned messy and hard to eat, so give it up and just buy Fruit 2 Day. I see what all you bloggers eat every day, and I think you all do pretty well with handling your fruit. No ruined shirts, no sticky desks…not that you’ve shared anyway. 

Maybe I’m out of touch with reality. Is this a problem people really struggle with? Is fruit so difficult to eat that we have to package it in a bottle for them so they don’t get it all over themselves? I’m thinking this is really unfortunate marketing, especially considering kids might actually believe it. Why not just advertise this based on taste and fruit content without giving kids in an obese country just another excuse not to eat fruit?

I can just hear it, “Mom, I can’t eat that piece of melon. It’s too HARD.” If I ever hear that…man, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Ingredients: white grape juice from concentrate, mango puree, peach pieces, orange juice from concentrate, pineapple puree and pieces, acerola cherry juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, pear pieces, carrot juice from concentrate, natural flavor. (The list on some of the other varieties disturbed me. The strawberry orange flavor contained bananas, which is great until someone with a severe banana allergy buys it–like my mom–not realizing they use banana as a thickener.)

This thing was just weird. Not like a smoothie at all, but really sweet and very chunky. Like one of those kids’ diced peach fruit cups, sort of. I had to chew it, but the whole thing was gone in no time, leaving me with a plastic bottle. 😡

Is it a drink? Is it a snack?  I guess that should make me feel like I’ve eaten some fruit, but I think the satiety factor with this stuff is zero. 

All in all, it tasted OK, but that’s not really the point. I have an issue with the whole idea of this product, and a major problem with its marketing. I work in marketing, and I’d have raised a major fuss about this idea going out the door. 

My family…we’ll be sticking with real fruit, ‘cuz we’re just really cool and coordinated like that, and frankly, I don’t find eating fruit all that challenging.

And besides that, the fruit that nature gives us is beautiful. It’s one of life’s pleasures that can be easily overlooked in a throw-away, fast food society. We should all take the time to eat it and enjoy it, not slug it from a bottle.


Have you tried Fruit 2 Day? What are your thoughts? (On the product AND its marketing)


  1. says

    I agree that the commercials for Fruit2Day are offensive. As women (and just people in general) we multitask all day long…I’ve quite confident that I can eat an apple and walk at the same time!

    Also, your son is adorable! This is my first time reading your blog, but I will definitely be back.

    • says

      Thanks so much! You’ve brightened my day with your lovely comment!

      I totally agree with your thoughts on those commercials, and on how often we are called to multitask while still managing to eat real foods.

      It just further proves the point that the best food (natural, whole food) is the kind that doesn’t need marketing in the first place!

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