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My alarm went off at 2:45am this morning.

I do believe that is what is referred to as the “butt crack of dawn.”

I have it all worked out: If I set the alarm for 2:45, I actually get up at 3. I throw on clothes, then change and feed my boy if I can stir him enough to nurse (a lot of this depends on him…if he wakes at 1 or 2 and eats then, the whole plan is shot.) Then, I try to pump a bottle before heading off to work with both of my boys snuggled in their beds. This way, I can get almost a full day in at work and they hardly know I’m gone. They get to spend the morning together, and I’m home by 1 or 2pm, ready for a fun Saturday. (What I really mean is nearly comatose, halllucinating and dying for a nap, but whatever.)

Do I have a choice? Yes, but I think it’s best this way. There will come a day when my child has no interest in spending the day with his Mom. I’m gonna take it while the gettin’ is good. 

Breakfast? Doughnuts! ….just kidding. What I meant to say was: Mammoth Oats!

No, there is no actual mammoth in my oats. I’m not a big breakfast-meat eater. Just a mammoth portion of oats, almond milk, PB, raw almonds, cranberries, cinnamon and a fat nanner. (Has anyone posted the Doughnut Oats recipe yet? Come on, people. I know it’s out there.)

It isn’t actually all that big a portion…it’s just in a flat, thin container. :) A little over 1/2 cup of oats with a bunch of junk on top should keep my tank full for a while.

And it’d better, because these are just a few of the choices at the Cafe de la Office Caf:

-Double Pork Chop Sandwich

-BBQ Rib Flavored Potato Chips

-“Big Az” fried fish sandwich

-Every king size candy bar known to man

-Fruit parfaits! Made with pie filling, cake and pudding.

…and there’s a machine that will actually cook and bun up a cheddarwurst or hot dog for you. 😐 It’s magical.

To their credit, there is a wellness program that points out healthy choices with a lovely, very healthy-looking, little green leaf. Where might one find this leaf, you ask? Why, next to the Lean Cuisine, Twizzlers (!), SnackWells cookies (?) and a lone container of 8 baby carrots for $1.75, of course. Ack!

Pass, please.

So, after a morning in editor mode, I’m ready to switch back to the more comfy and oh-so-much-more-cuddly-and-yummy mommy mode.

On the radar for today: shopping for diapers (we’re making the switch to cloth!), some garden fun, and whatever other adventures that happen to divert our attention (which, at some point, will mean food!! Gotta love Saturday food.)

I’ll fill you in on all the haps, right after I wake up.


What is the lunch atmosphere like at your office/workplace? Are healthy options offered? Does anyone want them?

What’s the best food day of the week (for you)?



  1. a hot dog bun cooker- insane! wow the inventions that are out there lol!

    oh i def love saturdays the best for food.. i tend to enjoy great snacks more since its grocery day.. and i get to pick up all my fav eats and such :)

  2. I agree…it’s a great day for fresh food!

    Friday, not so much. :(

  3. I think the weekend is the best food wise for me…when I am working on a project, definitely! When filming, we are stuck with catering and craft services, which really varies. In the summer I was on a film with lots of vegetarian crew members so I had a veg option always but that didn’t necessarily mean they were great…sometimes just a greasy veg burger or eggplant parm (and I don’t eat cheese…yikes!). I love to be able to cook on the weekends though to take while working. I think I am the only one who ever does this in my business though, ha.

    • I know what you mean. Few people in my office prepare lunches ahead of time. They just go out every day. Even if I had the budget, I wouldn’t want to do that every day. I am so proud of myself when I pack my lunch! I just wish I had a cute lunchbox :)

      I can’t decide if I eat cheese or not. I SO wish it wasn’t made of milk!

  4. I’m totally impressed with your schedule – good for you for doing what works best for you and your family!

    I’m not sure what lunch will be like at my new job, so I’ll let you know in a week or so. :)

  5. Katie-I was thinking about you when I wrote that! Maybe you’ll end up with a great team of people who will add motivation rather than squash it. There are a few at my office, but not many.

    And thanks for the encouragement! It’s not an easy schedule, but easy never amounts to much, does it?

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