Hello, Broccoli

It’s the first official broccoli harvest of the season!

Insert catchy line about  broccoli here…hmmm…I really want to tell you that it’s that time of the season to rock out with your brocc out, but that’s just too horrible…

Anyhoo, I took this picture only a few days ago, and these lovelies had doubled in size by yesterday! I figured we’d better harvest before they either: A. took off (one had already bolted) or B. the little buggers got them (one of the hazards of being pesticide and chemical free!)

Enter: foil packet, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.

On the grill with some cute little chicken tenderloins.

Mayo, Dijon mustard and seven  PEPPADEWS! YUM!

Wrapped it up in whole wheat with a little spizznach and grated carrot.

And VOILA! Healthy spring dinner, in no time. 

Pretty easy on the budget, too! 


What’s your favorite way to enjoy broccoli?  I have a feeling there’s a lot coming my way, so I could use some quick and easy prep ideas!


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    that would taste so good; fresh grown broccoli! sadly ive never seen how it looks growing before.. only seen cauliflower growing. mmm but I LOVE BROCCOLI! any way is fine with me. i guess stir-fries are my fav way to eat them but i really like them steamed or roasted in the oven. ive had bbq broccoli too which is so fantastic!

    omg def make a broccoli soup! great way to use it up and u can easily store it/freeze it for later!

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    What is a pappadew? I’ve seen it in hummus spreads before but have never been sure. fresh broccoli sounds like heaven in tinfoil right there!

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    Hi Katherine! Thanks for commenting!

    Peppadew is the trademarked brand name of a type of little red piquante pepper. They are usually pickled, and located near pickles and olives in the store. Flavorwise, they are tangy and sweet with a nice amount of heat.

    When we catered my wedding, we stuffed them with cream cheese and chopped chives, and they were a big hit. Such a nice size for a a tiny little appetizer. I highly recommend them!

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