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I always knew I was a winner…

Last week was pretty amazing…I won a whole bunch of fun stuff!

First, I won a radio contest on WQKX. I am usually pretty good at trivia, and I figure if I win something, it sorta offsets what I spend on gas. (The environmental impact is a different story and, yes, I feel guilty about it.)

Q: What celebrity male was recently offered half a mil to pose for Playgirl?

A: Jesse James. Had to be.

Woohoo! I won breakfast at Subway!

Except I don’t like Subway. The husbo loves it, though. We’ll give it a shot.

He: Steak, egg, and cheese on flatbread. It was a fattie.

She: veggies on flatbread. This is my beef with Subway. I always end up with what tastes like a pickle sandwich. The options are very limited, and that’s not so fresh. I guess that’s what I get for going to a sub place when I don’t eat processed meat, but they do market themselves as a healthy option. But it was OK, and free! I think bfast at Subway would be pretty decent for those who enjoy sausage, bacon, and egg-type things. Overall, I give it one thumb up and one sideways thumb.

Prize #2: I got an email from Hazelnut Kids letting me know that i had won their Earth Day contest! How fun is that?

I guess I missed the first email. The prize was a beautiful Kathe Kruse Waldorf Earth Conservation Angel Doll!

For my son. 😯

Now, don’t get me wrong. If Finn ever wanted a doll, I’d have no problem with that, and all of his toys are gender neutral right now. But the angel looked very delicate and fragile, and the folks at Hazelnut Kids were gracious enough to allow me to switch out the prize for a rough and tumble boy doll! I’ve ordered from them before, and they always provide great, quality natural toys and exceptional customer service.

A few days after the email, he arrived!

Eek! Let him out!

How cute is he?

Despite the Chuckiness that many people have pointed out, I like him! He’s very unique, and I dig that. He won’t make a very good teether, though, so Finn will have to wait a while to get his hands on this guy.

Thanks again, Hazelnut Kids! (That reminds me…I need to order the Under the Nile fruit basket this week! We already have the veggies, and those things are indispensable!)

And, for Prize #3:

My office recently started up a “healthy” Bingo game. Nutshell: They send out the Bingo card with a healthy choice (eat a healthy breakfast, take the stairs, eat a vegetable, etc.) in each square. You cross them off as you complete the tasks, and BINGO!

A chance to win for doing things I already do anyway?

I’m in!

And I won! $25 grocery store gift card. With my budget, this was an awesome win. I’m thinking basic staples, and one really fun, splurgy ingredient!

Just when I was really feeling full of myself, I noticed this today and realized that yes, despite being a big winner, I am, in fact, still a loser.

(I mean, come on. They aren’t even the same color. One is a random MAN sock. WTF?)


Win anything lately?


NEWSFLASH: NO LIE…while I was writing this post, I received a phone call letting me know I had won a raffle I entered over the weekend while gathering info for our upcoming food road trip. I think I won tickets to a local amusement park. Dude….I SO need to play the lottery…



  1. OMg buy a lottery ticket NOwWWWWwwww!!!! lol. wow ur such a lucky girl! woot! and if u win the amusement park tickets.. dont be hesitant to invite me haha! all u need now is to win you some socks hehe :)

  2. Wow, you really are a winner! Pass me some of that luck, will ya? 😉

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