My First Mother's Day: Part 2

I had an utterly lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

But then, who wouldn’t love a weekend full of rainbows and  miracles?

(Slight) Miracle #1: Imagine my surprise when, after my lasagna-induced bloatfest on Saturday night, I slipped right into my too-small jeans on Sunday morning! Those suckers were too small before I was pregnant! 

Yay for me for losing a pound and a half (I had to check), and yay for me for losing it without trying! I’ve been astutely focused on healthy eating for health’s sake, not limited eating for weight’s sake, and my body is starting to recognize. Nice.

Nutshell-recap of Mother’s Day:

I woke up early to head out and grab groceries and get a quick bit of work done at the WiFi Cafe.

Breakfast was too quick and too small. Bad Mommy.

Found this in my laptop. Love, love, love those boys.

Went to visit the g-mas and drop off these art projects gone awry…

In my mind, these were really cute and we had tons of fun making them. In reality, not so much.

We landed at my folks’ last, where a much-needed dinner was waiting for us. I had grabbed a Van’s waffle to eat in the car, but lunch didn’t happen. Again, Bad Mommy.

I ate and ate and ate. Lasagna, meatballs, strawberry shortcake. Have I mentioned that Moms is Italian? ’nuff said.

I’m kind of regretting not taking any pics, but sometimes trying to capture the moment makes you miss the moment, and this was a moment I wanted to be in.

It’s been a while since I had a meal this heavy. I felt a little weird after, like my blood sugar might be a little whacked out, but my body was screaming for it, so I ate it. Good Mommy.

I did skip the Cool Whip, though. Did you ever read the ingredients label on that stuff? Corn syrup, hydrogenated coconut and palm kernel oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Bleh. I just couldn’t do it.

As for the other Mother’s Day miracle…well, my boy, of course. I’ve only had him for a matter of months, but he’s the coolest, funniest, sweetest person I’ve ever met, and my heart is his forever. 

Little did I know the love I was about to fall into when I looked like this, just 6 short months ago..

Thanks for making mommyhood the best thing I’ve ever done, baby boy. I love you.

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