Dates and the Internet Cafe

Hi, all! Long time, no blog!

I didn’t post yesterday. I got home from work around 5pm, and it was a beautiful, sunshiny day. Two choices: sit down and blog, or move my butt and get some exercise with my boy. I love you dearly, but you lost. Nothing personal. :)

News: We decided to invest in a new Pest Management System for our Garden Irrigation Tank. We went for the eco-friendly version. 

Oh, you want to see it?

HA! Four new goldfish for our rain barrels! (Gotcha!) …for a grand total of $.44! They eat the skeeters. It’s quite efficient.

So I started off this morning with some Overnight Oats. Yes, I’ve jumped on the blogwagon…and it’s turned into quite the little love affair. If you’re not familiar with the OOs, get the lowdown at Kath Eats Real Food. It’s not really rocket science, but it’s great information. 

Yesterday’s oats qualified less as Overnight Oats, and more as On-The-Way-To-Work Oats, which is even more convenient for me. I used quick oats and they were quite nice by the time I ate them after my hour-long commute.

I think the reason I’m ready to elope with my oats is the addition of the Almond Butter and Date Cream I made using a recipe from my new cookbook.

First, I soaked 4 dates in water.

Then, I put them into my handy puree machine along with a big scoop of almond butter, adding a little of the soaking water until it was the right consistency.

And it looked a little something like this…

I threw a biggish dollop into my oats along with a few cranberries, and I have to say: The dates made a big difference. I love dates, and now I love this! You gotta love a quick recipe that calls for three whole ingredients.

The recipe called for whole blanched almonds and, because I can’t resist tinkering with a recipe, I used almond butter ( also because I happened to have almond butter), but I won’t do that next time. I just purchased a bag of blanched almonds for that very purpose. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Incidentally, I also found a big jug of Green Works laundry detergent on clearance for less than $4, and I had a $1.50 coupon! Boo-ya.

Hey, you know how sometimes you’re sitting at an internet cafe trying to write a blog post and your son gets hungry and you try to discreetly nurse him and then he latches on and then you let down and then he decides that he’s done and then you spray like a sprinkler all over the place?

Yeah, that just happened. Gotta go!

Ta ta(s) for now!


Share your favorite two- or three-ingredient recipe!


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      Hi Katie! Aren’t dates great? I shudder to think how I rolled them in sugar as a kid! They are so good as is! I love to just stuff an almond inside them now.

      I soaked them for about an hour. It seemed to be a good length of time. They pureed into little chunks, which made a nice texture. I am looking forward to trying this out with the whole almonds and seeing what kind of texture I get.

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