Driving past the drive-thru…


You don’t mind if I nap while you read, do you? Please wake me when you’re finished…

Yesterday was Saturday, which means I got up at 2:30 am to head in to work. I have an hour-long commute, so I left at 3 and got there around 4. You’d think that after all those years of bakery work I’d be used to those wee hours, but they still kick my arse. I think it’s worth it, though. I like getting a good part of my work day over with while Finn is still in bed, and then I have my afternoon free to spend with him.

And what an afternoon it was. Daddy was busy hauling water from barrel to barrel, mowing, getting straw to cover our garden paths and turning compost, which left me strictly focused on mommy duty. It was not my most productive day, but we did try food #2. Peas! And he totally dug them! 

Before we knew it, it was 8:00 and we hadn’t eaten. I was way too beat to cook, and there is just NOWHERE in our area to eat. It’s all fast food and chain restaurants. I keep getting this naggy feeling that I should be opening the place I’m looking for…

When Shane and I started dating (the second time), our favorite thing to do was make a snack plate and “nosh” while watching a movie, maybe enjoy a bottle of wine. We’d go to the grocery store and wander, picking out fun things (usually different varieties of apples and cheese, grapes, nuts, some good dark chocolate…you get the idea) so we decided on that for dinner. Our only other option was something that would have involved a drive-thru, and I sure didn’t need that crap in my system on top of being so tired. 

We hit a little bit of a jackpot because the store was running a big Kashi promotion (Buy 4 Kashi products @ 2/$6 and get $2 off at the register. I only wish I had had some Kashi coupons!) So for the price of a take-out meal, I brought home a whole bag of groceries! I really didn’t even have it in me to cut up an apple, so I opted for my favorite trusty little standby meal…

Behold the beauty that is Kashi Black Bean Mango!

A little melon on the side to add to the crazy rainbow of fruits and veggies. I was going to wrap it in a little prosciutto, but I either decided against it or forgot to buy it. I can’t remember which.

Every time I eat this, I remember again how good it is (the same goes for the Mayan Harvest Bake.) I really should have about a dozen in my freezer, but freezer space is a hot commodity right now with all the breastmilk we have stored up.

The best thing about the Black Bean Mango is the spicy-sweetness that makes you think it’s hot, then says, “Nope–fooled ya! Now I taste like mango!” And the peppers and such don’t seem to bother Finn’s tummy, so I can satisfy my craving for heat without making him (or us!) suffer a few hours later, if you get my drift. It ain’t pretty. I haven’t eaten Channa Masala in months for that very reason.

I try to live by this motto: Eat healthy, and you have several chances every single day to fulfill a goal and do something good for yourself. Saturday’s goal: Check!

Sleep eventually happened. But not for long. Whimpers at 4am confirmed what I was afraid of: the introduction of solid foods has caused what we refer to at our house as “a sideways poop.” They turn sideways, and they get stuck.

Poor baby. I hope this doesn’t last.

After lots of rocking and humming, this miracle happened:

So now I’m off to nab some groceries while the boys sleep. I lucked into a new cookbook for fifty cents, so I’m excited to start playing in the kitchen. I’ll share soon…

Today, we cook!


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      Hi Shannon! Glad you found me!

      That Kashi dish is really fantastic, and usually runs only around $3. It’s the best way I’ve found to have a healthy, easy meal that isn’t boring! Esp. on days when I don’t have leftovers to bring for lunch.

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