Race Against Racism 5K

Yesterday, Little Man and I participated in the Race Against Racism 5K in Harrisburg! We walked with some friends from work, met some new friends, and had a great time.

I’ve run in 5k races before, so finishing this one at a brisk walking pace feels a little like a step backwards, but I feel like the day was a major accomplishment anyway.

Having a baby at home gives me lots of excuses to be sedentary. It’s pretty easy to stay home and sit on the couch now that we have to lug around 3/4 of our belongings whenever we leave the house. When I got pregnant, the Husbo and I made a pact that we would still do the things we love (even though they might be more difficult and logistically challenging), and that we would try to expose our child to lots and lots of learning opportunities whenever we had the chance.

So far, mission accomplished!

Where we live, there is not a lot of diversity. I want my boy to grow up knowing and appreciating that the world is made up of all different kinds of people, so I thought the Race Against Racism  would be perfect for his first 5K. We didn’t run, because he’s not quite used to the forward-facing stroller yet, and I’m not quite in running shape yet (I think I could’ve done it, but I would have paid for it later), but the walk went quite well even though he insisted on being held. He’s super alert right now and wants to be right in the thick of the action most of the time. Mommy got quite a workout carrying a 17-lb. baby for over a mile! Luckily, some really helpful new friends offered to push the stroller part of the way. I’ll make sure to pay the favor forward!

Here are a few pics:

Me and my boy before the race.


The first mile. What a beautiful view of the river!


One of the gardens on Front Street in Harrisburg.


The garden again, and our newest buddy and walking partner.


Heading down closer to the river on the way back to City Island.


We had beautiful weather and although he was a little heavy, the little one was a pleasure. I’m really digging having a little sidekick to accompany me on my adventures. It really does make every part of my life better to have his curious little face and fresh perspective along. 

After the race, food and drinks were available on City Island for all participants. There was fun music playing, so we danced for a few minutes, but we hightailed it out of there when I realized there was free soda, fried something and chocolate something else. No thanks! No way was I blowing that healthy feeling I spent the whole morning wrapping myself up in.

I must admit, however, that we did end up splurging on small Italian ices at Rita’s in the afternoon. Oh well. We were on the way to Grammie and Pop Pop’s house and stopped to look at some land for sale. What better time to stop at Rita’s? :)

I ended my day on a bright note with this happy Sunshine burger, topped with the first-of-the-season baby spinach leaves from our garden! 

One sunshine burger, with a little horseradish mayo and Dijon mustard, topped with sauteed garlic mushrooms, avocado slices and baby spinach leaves, served up on an EarthGrains whole wheat thin bun.


These burgers rock!


I like Morningstar, but I can really get behind this list of ingredients!


That pic is a little small, so here it is: Organic cooked brown rice, ground raw sunflower seeds, carrots, herbs and sea salt. (Note the absence of soy.) Don’t you just love that? 😀

Have you ever checked out the ingredients list on most veggie burgers? It can be disturbing.  The best thing about these burgers is that they don’t try to be meat. They just try to be natural and tasty–and they are!  

Know what else I love? Feeling like I got a chance to, as Gandhi said, be the change I’d like to see in the world. I am so excited to teach Finny to be his own kind of change.

Happy day, everyone!

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