Under the Nile Organic Veggies

To all the mommies out there with teething babies, I would like to share the best baby toys EVER! (In my humble opinion, at least.) The ‘Veggin’ Out’ Collection of stuffed fruits and veggies from Under the Nile. These are, by far, my baby’s favorite toys.


The Veggie Crate


This is the veggie crate, which comes with a mushroom, a tomato, a carrot and green beans. We also have the corn and the broccoli, and plan to purchase the grapes and asparagus before long…and maybe the eggplant. They’re so cute, it’s hard to stop.

For teething purposes, the green bean is the hands-down favorite.  In fact, I may need to get another one or two just so I can keep one in my purse, one in the pack and play, and one at Gram’s.

He loves them because they are colorful and soft, light enough to grab and carry around (even when he was just learning to grasp) and stuffed firmly enough to provide a good amount of pressure on his achy gums.  

I love them because they are made and stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton, a must for something that will be spending so much time in his mouth, and he can’t really poke himself in the eye with them. Unlike those mystery liquid-filled plastic teethers, these guys absorb all the drool that would otherwise sit on his chin and possibly cause a breakout, and they are machine washable. We use Seventh Generation detergent, and they wash up nicely.  I also like the idea of giving my money to a company that supports fair trade practices. If I am lucky enough to find a product that I feel good about giving to my son, it only seems right that the people making that product should get a fair price for it.

And who doesn’t want their child to have a positive attitude toward veggies right from the start? It’s just too cute to see him gnawing away on a carrot or ear of corn. I say these toys are a win-win-win purchase, and they’ve become one of my favorite gifts for new babies.

Visit www.underthenile.com to read about the 13-Villages-Project, helping to decrease poverty in rural Egypt.


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